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My name is Stephen and my wife’s name is Erin and we own Cutebutton LLC as a Husband-Wife partnership in Huntsville, AL. If you want to know a little about how our business came to be, please read on.

In 2008, my wife, decided she wanted to learn to hand-press pinback buttons. She saw a video on the internet and thought it looked like a good outlet for her creativity. Erin had been an elementary Art teacher in Tennessee for many years and then continued teaching Art in Alabama when she moved here after we decided to get married. Once we had a child, Erin wanted to find a way to obtain additional flexibility to spend time raising our daughter. That is the ultra-simplified backstory of how Cutebutton was established.

In 2022, Erin and I decided to formalize Erin’s business activities from a sole proprietorship into a formal Limited Liability Company (LLC). We expanded the scope of her direct sales from exclusively online Etsy Marketplace selling onto a multitude of other online marketplaces. Building our own web site presence is the most significant step in our expansion efforts.

You might ask why we need a web site of our own if we sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. The primary purpose behind is to maximize the value to our customers by cutting out as many middle-men pass-through fees as we can. These fees put a major dent into how cheaply we can price our products for sale. If you want the best prices for our products, this is the place to find them. We also offer the maximum customization options and ability to communicate directly with us on your specific requirements by not going through third party communication mechanisms.

Cutebutton prides ourselves on quality, customer service, and maximizing organic sources for our raw materials. What does that mean… “organic sources”? It means our products are not only “Made in the USA”, but we strive to utilize materials “Made in the USA” as the building blocks for end products to the maximum extent. We understand it is difficult to compete with globalization and labor rates in the USA are not the lowest in the world. However, the quality premium that a customer obtains with a Cutebutton product is unlikely to be surpassed.

If you have feedback or concerns with your order, please reach out to us. We want you to be happy and we want to form long-term relationships with our customers whenever possible. Thank you for considering Cutebutton for all of your button needs.

We hope you love your products!